So today I woke up at 5.30 whoop success, I run for 37mins 3.07 miles in the rain and it was glorious. I listened to a motivational video (only half of this one) as I quickly changed to my favourite motivational video!

I love the second one as it gets me so amped for the run.  

I came home attempted to shower but due to boiler problems that you don’t care about I did not get into the shower until about 7 am. In between running and showering, I meditated and watched videos on what to do with my hair now that the sides are shaved.

After showering I got straight to work on our business BeautyNoir. Check out what I have already written about the company:

A message to everyone searching for a vendor 

Welcome to BeautyNoir, the only website you will ever need to help you find the creator of your next slay day.

In the last few years, there has been a surge of talented beauty entrepreneurs, ready to provide amazing customer service. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has been a magnificent tool to help these young startups establish their brand, however, in the myriad of startups, it’s easy to get lost. Clients find it tricky to find a vendor and everything becomes cumbersome. We are here to make finding reliable and talented vendors easy for all.

Our site means you will no longer be relying on word of mouth or going to big brands and paying extortionate prices. Gone are the days of roaming social media accounts to find out that the vendor you want lives in the USA!

You will be provided with a wealth of information to help you make evidence-based decisions about which vendor to go for. Whether you’re looking for a reliable vendor you can form a relationship with, or looking for someone to create you a special look or even just new to the area and are lost on how to tame your mane, we are your plug.

We aim to encourage the display of clear pricing – no more phone calls to multiple people to ask about prices.

We invite you to search, research and review. We are here to help you find the person who will create your next perfect look. It is thus is your responsibility to review the good and the bad alike- that’s the only way we can get better service and filter out the trash! Help a sister out! We wish you the best of luck in finding the person who will make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are inside. 

BeautyNoir x

A message to beauty providers 

Here at BeautyNoir, we know that although you may be smaller and just starting up that you are talented let’s help to promote your work, compete against established brands, you are better so prove it and get your reviews up! 

Our website can help you create a professional space, where we display your pricing, your availability, location or areas your willing to travel- let’s make things easy for the client! (we understand that some of you operate from home so this may not be applicable) 

You get a chance to see if your prices are competitive- ever wondered what that Instagram account with only 2000 more followers than you charges? Well stop wasting your time and start making your business more competitive the smart way! 

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are if your business isn’t already on BeautyNoir then simply create a listing here and reach thousands of more customers instantly.

Let the best beauty vendor be prosperous!

BeautyNoir x’

Today has been productive Jack stayed at home and we worked on the site all morning, uploading new listings, going through the site as a user would finding and fixing errors, working on our social media accounts and getting ready for the launch. I am so excited. I don’t know how much of the boring stuff you want to know so I won’t delve too much into the nitty-gritty of what we did today but all I can say is that after lunch, whilst washing the plates I just broke down into tears of joy. I had a vision of how successful we were going to be, I envisioned talking to groups of people and crying at how far we had come, I envisioned crying as I bought my mum her house and Jack parents their car. Then I envisioned the same vision I get every time I am having a moment like this … I envisioned giving the crying baby back to a group of women. I have no idea what it means, but I know that somehow that is my destiny.

I cried because it is all so simple, getting what we want is so simple. It is not easy but it is simple. I remember knowing this from a young age, I always knew it was simple to start a business or a company or get into medical school but it was difficult to implement the simple. It saddens me that the simple is complicated and instead we spend ours neglecting the simple avoiding the simple or complaining about life that we don’t get what we need to do done. Today I just want to get everything done.  

Sorry for the rubbish post!

Naomi x