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Okay, so I was rudely awakened by my alarm at 5.00am … but that was soon turned off. My plan the night before was to wake up at 5.00am run, mediate shower and put makeup on before my husband woke up, wake him up at 6.30am with a fresh cup of coffee and a protein shake and head off to the gym for 6.45am. This did not happen. Instead, his alarm went off at 6.30 he promptly got out of bed, waking me up as he clambered over me. I then proceeded to use the loo before him, isn’t that the worst! Whilst he got dressed and I put the kettle on, we shared one coffee and meditated for 10 minutes before going to the gym. Still a productive morning just not the one I had planned. After the gym, I made him breakfast and he went to work and I got trapped on youtube. I had watched a youtube video yesterday about a wife/mother of 2 who was on a journey to financial independence. 

 I always assumed that the bare minimum I would need was 3.5million by 35 to be financially independent which did not sound like a lot of money considering there are many houses in London going for that price. She took me through her calculations (which tbh I didn’t fact check) but she basically said she needed £700pm to live (if she didn’t have a mortgage payment) and that if she wanted to be finically independent she would have to set aside 1500 roughly per month for 10 years in the stock market to be finically independent – that blew my frigging mind she was telling me she needed £180,000 in the stockmarket to be free from a job. I mean not saying that I want to live on that much money a year but if that was my minimum I would be very happy! £1500 seems so much more achievable. I mean if you and your husband invested one of your paychecks into the stock market in 10 years you would be close to financial freedom … I need me some of this. Considering I don’t work, I am a student currently, I know that the minute jack and I get our big boy and big girl jobs .. what we are doing with the money! However, before that happens we are going to acquire so much wealth from our business that this is perhaps just our back plan (can’t say I don’t dream big!).

Why is this important to us? I think it is selfish to live a life where you only care about how well you and your immediate family are doing. We have grown up in a place of privilege we must help others enjoy the basic freedoms and opportunities to health and wealth that we currently enjoy. I don’t believe in equality of outcome but I do believe inequality of opportunity and currently, it is very skewed. Our mission at least is to ensure everyone has equal access to health care. So every click on our videos is one step closer to better healthcare for everyone … but don’t get me wrong we will enjoy some of that money also. You can’t give what you don’t have.