Hi, my name is Naomi and my husband is Jack and welcome to our blog Whoop!

What to expect:

  • A breakdown of the thought processes behind our videos
  • I (being Naomi) like to write and so I want to write and hence I will write a lot of this blog.
  • Spelling and grammar, not my forte, so all you type A personalities you have been WARNED!

Why we started our YouTube channel? 

In all honesty and in the spirit of transparency I will tell you the real reason why we started our channel. I kept seeing people my age, in university (some dropouts) buying HUGE houses, living large and having a pretty darn good time; the one thing they all had in common is YouTube. In fact, shortly after writing my first sentence I got interrupted, final cut pro finally finished exporting our video which is going to be about me cutting jack hair again after a YouTuber suggested he does a skin fade.

Anyway, as I was about to upload it to our YouTube channel (Naomi and Jack for those who don’t know) I saw a YouTube post about James and Carys moving house again!

 This last month I have seen Megan Grub move into the most stunning house

and Grace Beverly move into an even more impressive property in London! 

 We doing what every rational adult would do, follow those you aspire to be like and do what they are doing… although now I think about they are all blonde, beautiful with big boobs and big booty B^6👀 perhaps we should document my big booty acquisition journey🤔, I could be B^6 too! well, black instead of blonde and perhaps find a way to get my boobs to look bigger on camera until I can afford fake boobies …jk I will just purchase a pushup bra. I digress, the main point is young people are working extremely hard and are doing extremely well and we want a piece of their pie. 

Besides the riches (and you can keep the fame and haters) we love making videos, before this, I had a channel where I talked about my journey into medical school. My videos helped a lot of young people get into medical school. When I was applying I found it really hard to get in and it was an awful experience. I just wanted to make videos to encourage and inspire others to go after their dreams despite being discouraged by so many people. Jack equally had a youtube channel where he talked about tech – he loves tech and loves explaining it. To be honest, its best he tells you why he started that channel, but one thing I can say, it was really informative. 

Jack and I are 25 and 23 respectively; we have had more jobs between us than you have toes and fingers and we already know working for someone long term is not a viable option. We are ready to retire!👴🏻👵🏾 We are on a journey to financial independence and we are trying to use all the tools and opportunities at our disposal to make that happen. Hence the YouTube channel. But we are doing so much more than that. We are currently also starting our 7thish startup company BeautyNoir (we will talk about that later). We are also learning about how to use the money we currently don’t have but most importantly right now we are getting out of debt. 

We are both students I study medicine.

He is just about to do a law conversion course and we are married

We live at home with my parents and that is us in a nutshell!

Enjoy the rest of my ramblings. I watch a lot of motivational youtube videos so most posts will be about that. We are not life goals YET! but watch this space and YouTube NaomiandJack and our Instagram (NaomiCBC, Jack.CBC, NaomiJackCBC) and oo not forgetting Facebook Naomi Mwakamowo Cave-Browne-Cave and Twitter (when we eventually work out how to use it.)

Lots of love

Naomi xx